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The CropBase product CurrantBase is owned by Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited (“Farmlands”).  Blackcurrants NZ Incorporated (BCNZ) manages subscriptions to CurrantBase and publishes this website under contract for Farmlands. By accessing the website or using any information or calculation rules contained in or generated by CropBase you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Use (regardless of whether or not you subscribe to any of the CropBase products).

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  6. BCNZ makes no representation about, and accepts no responsibility for, the functionality of the website or the accuracy or completeness of any information or calculation rules contained in or generated by CropBase. You acknowledge that the website and the information and calculation rules contained in or generated by CropBase may contain errors and omissions. You agree to use them at you own risk.
  7. Farmlands and BCNZ exclude any liability they may have relating to your use of the website, its availability and for any loss or liability which may directly or indirectly arise from anyone's use of or reliance on the website or any information or calculation rules contained in or generated by CropBase. This exclusion also applies for the benefit of Farmlands's and BCNZ's officers, employees, contractors and agents, anyone else for whom Farmlands and BCNZ is responsible and anyone involved in the compilation, writing, editing, approval or publication of, or any other kind of work in connection with, the website and CropBase. None of these people are liable to you or have to pay you for anything caused by or resulting from your use of the website or CropBase. This exclusion applies whatever you are claiming for (including loss of profits or business) and however liability arises or might arise if it were not for this clause.
  8. You agree that you are using the website and the information on the website for the purposes of a business as defined in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, and that the provisions of that Act do not apply.
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  10. BCNZ may amend these Terms of Use at any time. Any change applies from the time it is published on our web sites at www.cropbase.com.