Frequently Asked Questions

What internet capabilities do I need?

  • Broadband internet access (at least 128kps)
  • Internet Explorer 8+ supported
    (also works in Google Chrome, Firefox)

Who can view my information on the web?

Only those who you allow to be a registered user would have access to your data. You can also allow processors limited access to block information and if you need help, the CropBase support team.

How secure is my information?

Nobody can gain access to your information unless authorised by you. Additional log-in names have to be requested by the primary user. If any registered user’s access to the database needs to be removed it can be done immediately upon confirmation from the primary user.

Will use any of my information?

The information you input is confidential and will not be used by anyone outside of the CropBase support team.

I've forgotten my password what do I need to do?

Click on the Forgot your password line in the login page and enter your email address. Your password will be emailed to you straight away.

How can I make access to my CurrantBase programme more easily?

While you're in the CurrantBase log-in page, simply click on the favourites button on the top left of your screen and then click on add to favourites.

How much information do I have to make available to processors?

You have full control as to how much information processors can view - if at all. You can limit their access to specific blocks of your business allowing them only access to spray and harvesting information that affects them. Processors will receive their own log-in to view crops relevant to their business.

What technical support do I receive?